Organization of work, welding coordination

UAB “Metalo auditas” offers services for organizing installation and welding works at construction sites, and monitoring the progress of work.

The strength and durability of any building structure depend on a high-quality installation. We suggest using our services if you plan to:

  1. manufacture and installation of metal structures;
  2. manufacturing and installation of technological equipment;
  3. installation of enclosing structures for walls and roofs.

The more complex the installation methods, the more important the organization of work becomes. It is directly related to the quality and volume of work. Therefore, it is important that these works are supervised by experienced specialists.


Construction is a dynamic process that requires constant communication with customers, designers, inspectors, contractors. Our experience allows us to analyze the project and ensure competent interaction with all representatives.

During installation work, we control:

• Strict adherence to the work schedule
• The quality of the materials used
• Compliance of installation work with the work plan
• The order of assembly of structural elements
• Compliance of designs with geometric dimensions
• Processes for fixing defects
• Keeping logs of installation and welding works.

Our competencies:

• Prompt solution of problematic issues related to welding and installation works
• Coordination of construction changes and paint requirements, if necessary
• Optimization of work, with the possibility of reducing costs
• Control of all welding and installation work, including hidden work, and interaction with inspectors.
• Technical protection of the performed welding and installation works.


Welding coordination on site

Welding is a complex process of making a one-piece connection.

It requires careful preparation of technology, the choice of materials and equipment used, special positions, and modes of welding.
Every day when performing work, workers have many questions. Our certified specialist will be able to answer these questions, he will offer a ready-made solution to the problem. We advise on all technical issues in the field of welding.

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