We are ready to provide our staff to perform work at Your base or recruit a new staff for Your business taking into account Your requirements. We provide professional testing of candidates

 You will get:

Quick start and completion of projects within the agreed time frame
Well-coordinated professional team ready to perform complex tasks
Production control and quality control of work
Time and resource saving for selection and maintaining own staff



Pre-certification audit
Preparation for certification
Advising on projects fulfillment




Consultations and staff training

training of welders for certification according to EN ISO 9606-1,2;
preparation of technological welding instructions (pWPS, WPS);
training of welders for certification of welding procedures (WPQR);
preparation for certification of welding production according to EN ISO 3834;
preparation for certification of steel structures according to EN 1090-1,2,3;
preparation for certification according to EN 15085.