Project implementation

Our company, on behalf of the customer, performs administrative management at the site and carries out technical control of construction and installation work.

Management and control include:

  • Elaboration of a work schedule, a plan for the sequence of structures installation.
  • Checking the readiness of the contractor to perform the works, whether he has the necessary approvals and certificates to perform welding and installation works.
  • Verification of protocols and the journal of welding, procedures description, tracking of used materials and their certificates.
  • Verification of protocols of visual inspection of welding, non-destructive testing of welding, certificates of personnel for non-destructive testing.
  • Monitoring the delivery schedule of finished metal structures by the manufacturer, as well as checking the quality of the supplied products. If necessary, control of the plan for the structures production in the factory.
  • Ensuring compliance with the terms of work and quality control of welding and installation works. Providing employees with precise instructions for all types of welding and installation works. If necessary, testing of working personnel.
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for the completion of the facility and commissioning process.

You can focus on the realization of the project and we shall carry out all the organizational and technical work. If you are interested in this offer, please let us know about your project.

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