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Construction works

The strength and durability of any building structure depend on a high-quality installation

UAB «Metalo auditas» offers services for organizing installation and welding works at construction sites,
and monitoring the progress of work

Construction is a dynamic process that requires constant communication with customers, designers, inspectors, contractors.

Our experience allows us to analyze the project and ensure competent interaction with all representatives.
The more complex the installation methods, the more important the organization of work becomes. It is directly related to the quality and volume of work. Therefore, it is important that these works are supervised by experienced specialists.

During installation work, we control

  • Strict adherence to the work schedule
  • The quality of the materials used
  • Compliance of installation work with the work plan
  • The order of assembly of structural elements
  • Compliance of designs with geometric dimensions
  • Processes for fixing defects
  • Keeping logs of installation and welding works.

We can provide NDT control

UAB «Metalo auditas» carries out control of welding works both in production conditions and at construction sites. Our staff has a qualification level II, according to EN ISO 9712 for for these types of control.



Magnetic particle


Inspections of as-built documentation, welding and installation works

UAB «Metalo auditas» provides services to industrial and commercial real estate developers, construction companies. We organize control of installation and welding works at the construction site on behalf of the customer.

Our inspector controls the work in accordance with the standards EN ISO 3834, EN 1090:

  • checks equipment and fixtures for assembly, welding, heat treatment and control, reports on equipment maintenance.
  • controls the implementation of the technological instructions, welding audit. Pays attention to special requirements for avoidance of distortions, prevention of defects, the sequence of weld seams.
  • examines the compliance and validity of test certificates for welders and operators. Evaluates their skill to achieve the required welding parameters (welding current, arc voltage, welding speed).
  • controls the processing of welded joints, before and after welding.
  • checks protocols to confirm the quality of work, records in the welding log.
  • checks the quality of welding work, as well as their compliance with WPS and WPQR requirements.
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